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gbb - Man Page

Command line integration client for GNOME Battery Bench


gbb monitor
gbb play <filename>
gbb play-local <filename>
gbb record [-o | --output <output file]
gbb test [-o | --output <output file] [--duration <hours>h<minutes>m<seconds>s] [--min-battery <percent>] [--screen-brightness <percent>] [-v | --verbose] <test-id>


gbb is a command line client which is provided as part of the GNOME Battery Bench system. For interactive exploration and testing, the GNOME Battery Bench application provides a more polished interface, but gbb can be used for automating tests (gbb tests), developing new tests (gbb record, and gbb play), and debugging the GNOME Battery Bench application code (gbb monitor).

For more information about GNOME Battery Bench, see the GNOME Battery Bench README file[1]



gbb monitor

Monitors the current battery usage and and prints statistics to standard out. This is the same as gbb test --verbose without actually running a test, and is mostly a tool for debugging the GNOME Battery Bench application code.


gbb play <filename>

Replays an event log recorded with gbb record. This is mostly meant to try out an event log that you recorded without having to create a full test and install it the per-user or system-wide test directories.


gbb play-local <filename>

Exactly the same as gbb play, but instead of talking to gnome-battery-bench-helper over D-BUS, it assumes that the current user has privileges to simulate events via /dev/uinput.


gbb record [-o | --output <output file>]

Records events to standard output, or if --output is specified, to the given file.


Runs the specified test. Tests are looked for in /usr/share/gnome-battery-bench/tests and in ~/.config/gnome-battery-bench/.tests.

gbb test [-o | --output <output file] [--duration <hours>h<minutes>m<seconds>s] [--min-battery <percent>] [--screen-brightness <percent>] <test-id>


Specifies the output filename. If not specified, the output will be written in ~/.local/share/gnome-batttery-bench/logs, and will be visible in the list of historical runs in the user interface.


Specifies how long to run the test for. Any or all of hours, minutes, and seconds can be specified - e.g. 1h, 1h10m, 10m3s, 100s.


Specifies that the test will run until the battery reaches the specified percentage. Exclusive with the --duration argument


Sets the brightness of the backlight during the test


Print verbose statistics in the style of gbb monitor


Written by Owen Taylor <otaylor@fishsoup.net[2]>.


  1. README file
  2. otaylor@fishsoup.net


01/24/2024 GNOME Battery Bench Manual