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The Console Ball and Racket Game


gball [Options]


GBall is a simple yet nice implementation of the well known ball and  racket game. It is designed to run under the GNU/Linux console  (including terminal emulators). The aim of the game is simple: control  your racket and move it around to bounce the ball and hit all the bricks. If the ball hits a wall, it will bounce. If it fell down the screen without bouncing on the racket, you lose. The game includes 10 levels with an option to play levels randomly,  and a high score board.

The racket is controlled by using the arrows keys, or the "a" and "d" keys  as shown below.

   +---+                 +----+
   |   |                 |    |
   +---+                 +----+
+---+---+---+        +----+----+----+
| a |   | d |        | LT |    | RT |
+---+---+---+        +----+----+----+

Controlling game speed is easy. Press '9' repeatedly to decrease game speed, thus making the ball run slower. Press '0' repeatedly to do the opposite, i.e. make the ball run faster.


-h,  --help

Print command line help

-v,  --version

Display program version and exit

-l,  --level n

Start playing from level 'n'


~/.gball Special file used to store highscores information.


- Testing and debugging

See Also

info gball


Mohammed Isam <>


DECEMBER 2015 2.0 GBall man page