gamt - Man Page

Intel AMT serial-over-lan (sol) client.


gamt [ options ] [ host ]


gamt provides access to the serial-over-lan port of Intel AMT managed machines. host is the hostname or IP address of the machine gamt should connect to.

For more inforamtions on Intel AMT check amt-howto(7).



Display help text.

-u <user>

Specify username, defaults to "admin".

-p <pass>

Specify password. gamt will prompt you if unspecified.

-f <font>

Specify terminal font, defaults to "monospace 12".

-c <color>

Specify terminal text color, defaults to "gray".

-b <color>

Specify terminal background color, defaults to "black".

Font, colors can also be changed using menu options.  These settings are also written to the ~/.gamtrc config file, so they persistent.



Default value for the password.

See Also

amtterm(1), amttool(1), amt-howto(7)


(c) 2007 Gerd Hoffmann <>

Referenced By

amt-howto(7), amtterm(1), amttool(1).

(c) 2007 Gerd Hoffmann