gajim-remote man page

gajim-remote — a remote control utility for gajim(1)


gajim-remote command


gajim-remote is a script to control and communicate with a running instance of gajim(1) by D-Bus.


Available commands

account_info ⟨account⟩

Gets detailed info on a account

add_contact ⟨jid⟩ [account]

Adds contact to roster

change_avatar ⟨picture⟩ [account]

Change the avatar

change_status [status] [message] [account]

Changes the status of account or accounts


Check if Gajim is running

contact_info ⟨jid⟩

Gets detailed info on a contact

get_status [account]

Returns current status (the global one unless account is specified)

get_status_message [account]

Returns current status message (the global one unless account is specified)


Returns number of unread messages

handle_uri ⟨uri⟩ [account] [message]

Handle a xmpp:/ uri

help [command]

Shows a help on specific command

join_room ⟨room⟩ [nick] [password] [account]

Join a MUC room


Prints a list of registered accounts

list_contacts [account]

Prints a list of all contacts in the roster. Each contact appears on a separate line

open_chat ⟨jid⟩ [account] [message]

Shows the chat dialog so that you can send messages to a contact

prefs_del ⟨key⟩

Deletes a preference item


Lists all preferences and their values

prefs_put ⟨key=value⟩

Sets value of 'key' to 'value'.


Writes the current state of Gajim preferences to the .config file

remove_contact ⟨jid⟩ [account]

Removes contact from roster

send_chat_message ⟨jid⟩ ⟨message⟩ [pgp key] [account]

Sends new chat message to a contact in the roster. Both OpenPGP key and account are optional. If you want to set only 'account', without 'OpenPGP key', just set 'OpenPGP key' to ''.

send_file ⟨file⟩ ⟨jid⟩ [account]

Sends file to a contact

send_groupchat_message ⟨room_jid⟩ ⟨message⟩ [account]

Sends new message to a groupchat you've joined.

send_single_message ⟨jid subject⟩ ⟨message⟩ [pgp key] [account]

Sends new single message to a contact in the roster. Both OpenPGP key and account are optional. If you want to set only 'account', without 'OpenPGP key', just set 'OpenPGP key' to ''.

send_xml ⟨xml⟩ [account]

Sends custom XML

set_priority ⟨priority⟩ [account]

Changes the priority of account or accounts


Pops up a window with the next pending event

start_chat ⟨account⟩

Opens 'Start Chat' dialog


Shows or hides the ipython window


Shows or hides the roster window


Open a URI of group chat gajim

$ gajim-remote handle_uri xmpp:gajim@conferenc.gajim.org?join

Send custom XML

$ gajim-remote send_xml $(cat filename.xml) “your@jabber.id”


gajim-remote is written and maintained by Yann Leboulanger, and Denis Fomin, with contributions and patches merged from many individuals around the world. See files Authors and THANKS, for a complete list.


You can report bugs or feature requests in our bug tracker at trac.gajim.org or in the gajim-devel mailing list; if you want to send us a patch, please do so in our bug tracker. You can also find us in our chat room.




You are welcome to join us at gajim@conference.gajim.org

Mailing List

Below are public mailing lists on lists.gajim.org


More mailing lists at



Please submit bugs at https://trac.gajim.org/

See Also

gajim(1) gajim-history-manager(1)

Referenced By

gajim(1), gajim-history-manager(1).

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August 26, 2015