g3kb-switch - Man Page

CLI keyboard layout switcher for Gnome 3 and 4x.


g3kb-switch [-p | -l | -n | -s ARG]

g3kb-switch [-h | --help]

g3kb-switch [-v | --version]


g3kb-switch implements direct D-Bus messaging with Gnome Shell to list, get, and set system keyboard layouts. In Gnome 41 and newer, the switcher requires assistance from Gnome extension g3kb-switch. See details at <https://github.com/lyokha/g3kb-switch#g3kb-switch>.



show the current layout group (this is the default action)


show available layout groups


switch to the next layout group

-s ARG

switch to layout group ARG


show the usage


show the version

Shared Library

Shared library libg3kbswitch.so can manage automatic switching of keyboard layouts in Vim and Neovim when entering and leaving Insert mode via Vim plugin vim-xkbswitch. Details are documented at <https://github.com/lyokha/vim-xkbswitch>.


Written by Alexey Radkov.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <https://github.com/lyokha/g3kb-switch/issues>.


21 April 2023 g3kb-switch 1.3 User Manual