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g.remove.1grass - Man Page

Removes data base element files from the user’s current mapset using the search pattern.


general, map management, remove


g.remove --help
g.remove [-irefb] type=datatype[,datatype,...]  [name=string[,string,...]]   [ignore=string[,string,...]]   [pattern=string]   [exclude=string]   [--help]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]  [--ui]



Ignore case


Use basic regular expressions instead of wildcards


Use extended regular expressions instead of wildcards


Force removal (required for actual deletion of files)


Remove base raster maps


Print usage summary


Verbose module output


Quiet module output


Force launching GUI dialog


type=datatype[,datatype,...] [required]

Data type(s)
Options: raster, raster_3d, vector, label, region, group, all
raster: raster map(s)
raster_3d: 3D raster map(s)
vector: vector map(s)
label: paint label file(s)
region: region definition(s)
group: imagery group(s)
all: all types


Name of file(s) to remove


Name of file(s) to ignore (default: none)


File name search pattern


File name exclusion pattern (default: none)


g.remove removes data files matching a pattern given by wildcards or POSIX Extended Regular Expressions. If the -f force flag is not given then nothing is removed, instead the list of selected file names is printed to stdout as a preview of the files to be deleted.


Delete map1 and map2 raster maps in the current mapset:

g.remove -f type=raster name=tmp1,tmp2

Delete all raster and vector maps starting with "tmp_" in the current mapset:

# show matching raster and vector maps but do not delete yet (as verification)
g.remove type=raster,vector pattern="tmp_*"
# actually delete the matching raster and vector maps
g.remove -f type=raster,vector pattern="tmp_*"

Delete all vector maps starting with "stream_" in the current mapset, but exclude those ending with "_final":

g.remove -f type=vector pattern="stream_*" exclude="*_final"


Huidae Cho

Source Code

Available at: g.remove source code (history)

Accessed: Tuesday May 14 13:40:00 2024

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