fzf-tmux - Man Page

open fzf in tmux split pane


fzf-tmux [Layout Options] [--] [FZF OPTIONS]


fzf-tmux is a wrapper script for fzf that opens fzf in a tmux split pane or in a tmux popup window. It is designed to work just like fzf except that it does not take up the whole screen. You can safely use fzf-tmux instead of fzf in your scripts as the extra options will be silently ignored if you're not on tmux.

Layout Options

(default layout: -d 50%)

Popup window

(requires tmux 3.2 or above)

-p [WIDTH[%][,HEIGHT[%]]]

-w WIDTH[%]

-h WIDTH[%]

-x COL

-y ROW

Split pane

-u [height[%]]

Split above (up)

-d [height[%]]

Split below (down)

-l [width[%]]

Split left

-r [width[%]]

Split right


Nov 2023 fzf 0.44.1 fzf-tmux - open fzf in tmux split pane