fwupdtool - Man Page

standalone firmware update utility


fwupdtool [CMD]


This tool allows an administrator to use the fwupd plugins without being installed on the host system.

Additionally dfu-tool can be used to convert firmware from various different formats, or to modify the images contained inside the container firmware file. For example, you can convert DFU or Intel HEX firmware into the vendor-specific format.


The fwupdtool command takes various options depending on the action. Run fwupdtool --help for the full list.

Exit Status

Commands that successfully execute will return "0", but commands that have no actions but successfully execute will return "2".

See Also

fwupdagent(1), fwupdmgr(1)


No known bugs.


Richard Hughes (richard@hughsie.com)

Referenced By

dfu-tool(1), fwupdagent(1), fwupdate(1), fwupdmgr(1).

11 April 2021 1.8.7 fwupdtool man page