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fwts-frontend-text - Man Page

text based interface to fwts.




This manual page briefly documents the fwts-frontend-text utility. The tool fwts-frontend-text executes a user-friendly interface to the Firmware Test Suite, providing the user a simple interface to execute all batch tests or the ability to select individual tests to execute. fwts-frontend-text should be run with root privilege, for example using sudo.

Running fwts-frontend-text with the argument noautoshutdown will prevent the system from shutting down after tests have been executed.


Execute fwts-frontend-text

sudo fwts-frontend-text

Execute fwts-frontend-text and disable automatic shutdown

sudo fwts-frontend-text noautoshutdown

See Also

fwts(1), dmidecode(8), lspci(8)


fwts-frontend-text was written by Colin King <colin.king@canonical.com>, and Chris Van Hoof <vanhoof@canonical.com>

This manual page was written by Chris Van Hoof <vanhoof@canonical.com>, for the Ubuntu project (but may be used by others).


5 February, 2015