fvshmem - Man Page

List and cleanup FireVision image shared memory segments


fvshmem [-h] [-c] [-c[t]] [-l] [-m] [-i image_id file]


List, save, or cleanup shared memory segments created by FireVision. FireVision stores images retrieved from cameras and lookup tables in shared memory segments. Olugins can decide to create additional segments. All shared memory segments have a unique ID.

A list of currently existing segments can be retrieved. For images a snapshot can be written into a FireVision raw file. Segments might require cleanup if the creating process has died without closing the segments. You can also choose to cleanup segments of specified types. Segments for which are currently used are detected and not removed.



Show usage instructions.


List FireVision shared memory segments.


Cleanup shared memory segments. A type t can be optionally passed to determine that only these segments should be cleaned up. The type can be either i for images or l for lookup tables. If empty both types are cleaned up.

-i image_id file

Read the file from the shared memory image segment with the ID image_id and write it to file as FireVision raw.


fvshmem -l

List all shared memory segments.

fvshmem -c

Cleanup all FireVision shared memory segments.

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