fuzzel - Man Page

display XDG applications in a searchable Wayland window


fuzzel [OPTIONS]...


fuzzel lists all available XDG applications in a searchable Window. The search box supports Emacs-like key bindings.

The window size, font and colors can be configured with command line options:


Specifies the monitor to display the window on. In Sway, you can list the available outputs with swaymsg -t get_outputs.

The default is to let the compositor choose output.


Comma separated list of primary font, and fallback fonts, in FontConfig format. See Font Format. Default: monospace.


When set to yes, fonts are sized using the monitor's DPI, making a font of a given point size have the same physical size, regardless of monitor.

In this mode, the monitor's scaling factor is ignored; doubling the scaling factor will not double the font size.

When set to no, the monitor's DPI is ignored. The font is instead sized using the monitor's scaling factor; doubling the scaling factor does double the font size.

Finally, if set to auto, fonts will be sized using the monitor's DPI if all monitors have a scaling factor of 1. If at least one monitor as a scaling factor larger than 1 (regardless of whether the fuzzel window is mapped on that monitor or not), fonts will be scaled using the scaling factor.

Note that this option typically does not work with bitmap fonts, which only contains a pre-defined set of sizes, and cannot be dynamically scaled. Whichever size (of the available ones) that best matches the DPI or scaling factor, will be used.

Also note that if the font size has been specified in pixels (:pixelsize=N, instead of :size=N), DPI scaling (dpi-aware=yes) will have no effect (the specified pixel size will be used as is). But, if the monitor's scaling factor is used to size the font (dpi-aware=no), the font's pixel size will be multiplied with the scaling factor.

Default: auto


Prompt to use. Default: > .


Icon theme to use. Example: Adwaita. Default: hicolor.


Do not render any icons.

-T,--terminal=TERMINAL ARGS

Command to launch XDG applications with the property Terminal=true (htop, for example). Example: xterm -e. Default: not set.


The (maximum) number of matches to display. This dictates the window height. Default: 15.


Window width, in characters. Margins and borders not included. Default: 30.


Horizontal padding between border and icons and text. In pixels, subject to output scaling. Default: 40.


Vertical padding between border and text. In pixels, subject to output scaling. Default: 8.


Vertical padding between prompt and match list. In pixels, subject to output scaling. Default: 0.


Background color. See Colors. Default: fdf6e3dd.


Text color. See Colors. Default: 657b83ff.


The color of matching substring(s). As you start typing in the search box, the matching part in each application's name is highlighted with this color. See Colors. Default: cb4b16ff.


The color to use as background of the currently selected application. See Colors. Default: eee8d5ff.


The text color of the currently selected application. See Colors. Default: 0x657b83ff.


The width of the surrounding border, in pixels (subject to output scaling). Default: 1.


The corner curvature. Larger means more rounded corners. 0 disables rounded corners. Default: 10.


The color of the border. See Colors. Default: 002b36ff.


dmenu compatibility mode. In this mode, the list entries are read from stdin (newline separated). The selected entry is printed to stdout. If the input string does not match any of the entries, the input string is printed as is on stdout.


Exit immediately, without showing the UI, if stdin is empty. dmenu mode only.


Override line height from font metrics. In points by default, but can be specified as pixels by appending 'px' (i.e. --line-height=16px). Default: not set.


Additional space between letters. In points by default, but can be specified as pixels by appending 'px' (i.e. letter-spacing=5px). Negative values are supported. Default: 0.


Show the version number and quit

Font Format

The font is specified in FontConfig syntax. That is, a colon-separated list of font name and font options.

  • Dina:weight=bold:slant=italic
  • Arial:size=12


All colors must be specified as a RGBA quadruple, in hex format, without a leading '0x'.

  • white: ffffffff (no transparency)
  • black: 000000ff (no transparency)
  • black: 00000010 (semi-transparent)
  • red: ff0000ff (no transparency)

The default color scheme is Solarized.