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fusioninventory-remoteinventory - Man Page

A tool to pull inventory from an agent


fusioninventory-remoteinventory [options] <host1> [<host2> ...]

    -h --help      this menu
    -d --directory load every .ocs files from a directory
    -t --timeout   requests timeout and even inventory get timeout
    -b --baseurl   remote base url if not /inventory
    -p --port      remote port (62354 by default)
    -T --token     token as shared secret
    -i --id        id for request to identify requests in agent log
    -s --ssl       connect using SSL
    --no-ssl-check do not check agent SSL certificate
    --ca-cert-file CA certificates file

    -C --no-compression
                   ask to not compress sent XML inventories

    -v --verbose   verbose mode
    --debug        debug mode
    -u --useragent set used HTTP User-Agent for requests

    fusioninventory-remoteinventory -T strong-shared-secret
    fusioninventory-remoteinventory -v -T strong-shared-secret | \
        fusioninventory-injector -url https://login:pw@example/plugins/fusioninventory/
    fusioninventory-remoteinventory -T strong-shared-secret -d /tmp


This tool can be used to securely request an inventory from remote agents not able to contact a server.


2024-01-24 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation