fusioninventory-inventory - Man Page

Standalone inventory


fusioninventory-inventory [options]

    --scan-homedirs                scan use home directories (false)
    --scan-profiles                scan user profiles (false)
    --html                         save the inventory as HTML (false)
    --no-category=CATEGORY         do not list given category items
    -t --tag=TAG                   mark the machine with given tag
    --backend-collect-timeout=TIME timeout for inventory modules
                                     execution (30)
    --additional-content=FILE      additional inventory content file
    --verbose                      verbose output (control messages)
    --debug                        debug output (execution traces)
    -h --help                      print this message and exit
    --version                      print the task version and exit


fusioninventory-inventory can be used to run an inventory task without a GLPI server.


2021-07-21 perl v5.34.0 User Contributed Perl Documentation