fusioninventory-injector man page

fusioninventory-injector ā€” A tool to push inventory in an OCS Inventory or compatible server.


fusioninventory-injector [options] [--file <file>|--directory <directory>|--stdin|--useragent <user-agent>]

    -h --help      this menu
    -d --directory load every .ocs files from a directory
    -R --recursive recursively load .ocs files from <directory>
    -f --file      load a speficic file
    -u --url       server URL
    -r --remove    remove succesfuly injected files
    -v --verbose   verbose mode
    --stdin        read data from STDIN
    --useragent    set used HTTP User-Agent for POST
    -x --xml-ua    use Client version found in XML as User-Agent for POST
    --no-ssl-check do not check server SSL certificate
    -C --no-compression don't compress sent XML inventories

    fusioninventory-injector -v -f /tmp/toto-2010-09-10-11-42-22.ocs --url https://login:pw@example/plugins/fusioninventory/
    fusioninventory-injector -v -R -d /srv/ftp/fusion --url https://login:pw@example/plugins/fusioninventory/


This tool can be used to test your server, do benchmark or push inventory from off-line machine.


2019-08-12 perl v5.30.0 User Contributed Perl Documentation