funcd man page

funcd ā€” deaemon for the Fedora Universal Network Controller


funcd [--daemon]

funcd --list-modules


funcd registers itself to a certificate server (certmaster) listed in /etc/certmaster/minion.conf and takes orders from the command line func when that program is run from that certificate server.

Modules and capabilities provided by funcd are specified at


daemonize the server on startup
list modules that would be loaded and exit


See /etc/certmaster/minion.conf for other configuration options.

Access Controls

By default the certmaster host will always have full access to run all modules on minions, currently this behavior can be disabled by tweaking

Additional ACLs can be used to let other (SSL authenticated) hosts access to specific modules. Access control files take one acl per row with the format:

<common_name>-<certificate_hash> = method[, method]...

where common_name is the CN from the host certificate and certificate_hash is its hash as obtained from

openssl x509 -noout -in <certificate_file> -hash

See for additional details.


/etc/certmaster/minion.conf certmaster config for this minion

/etc/func/minion.conf minion configuration

/etc/func/async_methods.conf configuration for async methods

/etc/func/minion-acl.d/ directory for ACL files

Additonal Resources

See the project wiki at

See Also

func(1), certmaster(1), certmaster-ca(1), func-transmit(1)


Various, see

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