fts-transfer-submit - Man Page


fts-transfer-submit [options] SOURCE DEST [CHECKSUM]


fts-transfer-submit is a tool for submitting transfer-jobs using the GRID File Transfer Service 3. The user has to specify the source and destination, optionally the checksum may be specified (Algorithm:Value)


 -h [ --help ]         Print this help text and exit.
 -q [ --quiet ]        Quiet operation.
 -v [ --verbose ]      Be more verbose.
 -s [ --service ] arg  Use the transfer service at the specified URL.
 --proxy arg           Path to the proxy certificate (e.g. /tmp/x509up_u500).
 -V [ --version ]      Print the version number and exit.
 -j [ --json ]         The output should be printed in JSON format

 --capath arg          Path to the GRID security certificates

 --source arg          Specify source site name.
 --destination arg     Specify destination site name.
 -I [ --id ] arg       Delegation with ID as the delegation identifier.
 -e [ --expire ] arg   Expiration time of the delegation in minutes.
 -b [ --blocking ]     Blocking mode, wait until the operation completes.
 -f [ --file ] arg     Name of a the bulk submission file.
 -g [ --gparam ] arg   Deprecated. For compatibility only.
 -i [ --interval ] arg Interval between two poll operations in blocking mode.
 -o [ --overwrite ]    Overwrite files.

 -t [ --dest-token ] arg    The destination space token

-S [ --source-token ] arg  The source space token

 -K [ --compare-checksums ] Compare checksums between source and destination.

 --copy-pin-lifetime (=-1) Pin lifetime of the copy of the file (seconds).

--bring-online (=-1)      Bring online timeout expressed in seconds.

 -r [ --reuse ]            Enable session reuse for the transfer job

-m [ --multi-hop ]        Enable multi-hop

 --job-metadata arg        Job metadata

--file-metadata arg       File metadata

 --file-size arg           File size (in Bytes)

 --json-submission         The bulk submission file will be expected in JSON format

 --retry arg               Number of retries. If 0, the server default will be used. If negative, there will be no retries.

--retry-delay arg (=0)    Retry delay in seconds

 --nostreams arg           Number of streams.
 --timeout arg             Timeout (expressed in seconds)
 --buff-size arg           Buffer size (expressed in bytes)
 --strict-copy             Disable all checks, just copy the file
 --credentials arg         Additional credentials for the transfer (i.e. S3)

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