fts-transfer-status - Man Page


fts-transfer-status [options] JOBID [JOBID...]


fts-transfer-status is a tool for checking transfer-job status. The has to provide the transfer-job ID.


 -h [ --help ]         Print this help text and exit.
 -q [ --quite ]        Quiet operation.
 -v [ --verbose ]      Be more verbose.
 -s [ --service ] arg  Use the transfer service at the specified URL.
 -V [ --version ]      Print the version number and exit.
 -j [ --json ]         The output should be printed in JSON format

 --rest                Use the RESTful interface.

--capath arg          Path to the GRID security certificates (e.g.
 --proxy arg           Path to the proxy certificate (e.g. /tmp/x509up_u500).
 -l [ --list ]         List status for all files.
 -a [ --archive ]      Query the archive.
 -d [ --detailed ]     Retrieve details (i.e. transfer retries)
 -F [ --dump-failed ]  Dump failed transfers into a file that can be used as
                       input for submission

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