ft2nfdump - Man Page

flow-tools data converter program


ft2nfdump [options]


ft2nfdump is the flow-tools converter program to read, convert and store netflow data, created with the flow-tools package. It works either as a pipe filter or reads flow-tools data format directly from file and exports nfdump data format at stdout.


-r <flow-tools-file>

Read flow-tools formatted netflow data from file flow-tools-file. Default: Read from stdin.

-w <nfdump-file>

Write nfdump formatted file for converted netflow data Default: Write to stdout.


Compress flows. Use bz2 compression in output file. Space efficient methode


Compress flows. Use fast LZO1X-1 compression in output file. Fastest method

-c num

Read only num flows from input file.


Print raw netflow records to stdout. This option is for debugging purpose  only, to see any incoming netflow data. Compatible to option -E in nfcapd.


Print ft2nfdump version and exit.


Print help text on stdout with all options and exit.

Return Value


0   No error.

255 Conversion failed.


flow-cat ft-v05.2015-05-01.* | ft2nfdump -j -w nfcap.20150501 Convert files into nfdump format.

flow-cat ft-v05.2001-05-01.* | ft2nfdump | nfdump -w nfcap.20010501 Convert files into nfdump format.

ft2nfdump -r ft-v05.2001-05-01 | nfdump -w nfcap.20010501 Convert files into nfdump format.


See Also

nfcapd(1), nfdump(1), nfprofile(1), nfreplay(1)