fstrm_dump - Man Page

Display metadata and contents of Frame Streams file.


fstrm_dump input-file [output-file]


fstrm_dump opens input-file and prints its framing metadata to stderr and frame data to stdout. The input-file may be "-" to read Frame Streams data from standard input.

Frame data is printed as a single line quoted string with non-printable characters replaced by backslash-prefixed hex escape sequences. For example, a frame containing "Hello, world\n" would have its data printed as:

"Hello, world\x0a"

The only framing metadata expected in a Frame Streams file are the start frame with a content type field, the data frame lengths, and the stop frame. These are printed, respectively, as:



Data frame (N) bytes


If fstrm_dump is given the second output-file parameter, input frames are additionally written to output-file. This is mainly useful for regression testing of the fstrm_file_writer code.

See Also

fstrm_capture(1), fstrm_replay(1),
Frame Streams C Library https://farsightsec.github.io/fstrm

Referenced By

fstrm_capture(1), fstrm_replay(1).