fsck-larch man page

fsck-larch — verify that a larch B-tree is internally consistent


fsck-larch [--config=FILE] [--dump-config] [--dump-setting-names] [--generate-manpage=TEMPLATE] [-h] [--help] [--help-all] [--list-config-files] [--version] [--no-default-configs] [--dump-memory-profile=METHOD] [--fix] [--no-fix] [--log=FILE] [--log-keep=N] [--log-level=LEVEL] [--log-max=SIZE] [--log-mode=MODE] [--memory-dump-interval=SECONDS] [--output=FILE] [--trace=PATTERN] [FILE]...


fsck-larch reads an on-disk, committed B-tree created by the larch Python library, and verifies that it is internally consistent. It reports any problems it finds, but does not currently fix them.


fix problems found?
opposite of --fix
fill in manual page TEMPLATE
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
write output to FILE, instead of standard output
add PATTERN to trace patterns
show program's version number and exit

Configuration files and settings

add FILE to config files
write out the entire current configuration
write out all names of settings and quit
show all options
list all possible config files
clear list of configuration files to read


write log entries to FILE (default is to not write log files at all); use "syslog" to log to system log, "stderr" to log to the standard error output, or "none" to disable logging
keep last N logs (10)
log at LEVEL, one of debug, info, warning, error, critical, fatal (default: debug)
rotate logs larger than SIZE, zero for never (default: 0)
set permissions of new log files to MODE (octal; default 0600)


make memory profiling dumps using METHOD, which is one of: none, simple, or meliae (default: simple)
make memory profiling dumps at least SECONDS apart

See Also

Larch home page (http://liw.fi/larch/).