freight-init - Man Page

initialize a Freight directory


freight init [--libdir varlib] [--cachedir varcache] [--archs archs] [--origin origin] [--label label] [-v] [-h] -g gpg dirname


freight-init will setup a directory to be used by Freight. It will generate small wrappers around the original Freight commands. Use freight-add(1) and freight-cache(1) to work against the VARLIB and VARCACHE given to freight init.

The benefit of using freight-init is to automate the setup of Freight and to configure all data to be stored in one directory.

Configuration is stored in dirname/etc/freight.conf.


-g gpg, --gpg=gpg

GPG key. May be given multiple times.


VARLIB directory to use. Defaults to dirname/var/lib


VARCACHE directory to use. Defaults to dirname/var/cache


Architectures to generate archives for. Defaults to i386 amd64


Debian archive Origin field value. Defaults to Freight


Debian archive Label field value. Defaults to Freight


Debian archive Suite field value.

-v,  --verbose

Verbose mode.

-h,  --help

Show a help message.


/etc/freight.conf,  ~/.freight.conf,  etc/freight.conf,  .freight.conf

The default configuration files. See freight(5).

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See Also

Part of freight(1).


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