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freight-add - Man Page

add a package to Freight


freight add [-c conf] [-v] [-h] package manager/distro[/component][...]


freight-add registers package with one or more manager/distro[/component] pairs (or triples). Currently, apt is the only supported manager and package must be one of *.deb, *.ddeb, *.dsc *.debian.tar.gz *.orig.tar.gz, *.dsc *.diff.gz *.orig.tar.gz, or *.dsc *.tar.gz. distro may be any arbitrary value but is best suited to naming a particular version of the target operating system (for example, "wheezy" or "precise"). component is optional and for apt defaults to main.

The package files are organized in the Freight library so freight-cache(1) has an easy time of creating package repositories for each manager/distro[/component] later.


-c conf, --conf=conf

Use an alternate configuration file.

-v,  --verbose

Verbose mode.

-e,  --add-error

Raises an error if the package to add is already registered.

-h,  --help

Show a help message.


/etc/freight.conf,  ~/.freight.conf,  etc/freight.conf,  .freight.conf

The default configuration files. See freight(5).

Environment Variables


The pathname of an alternate configuration file. See freight(5).


If not empty acts as --add-error option.

Theme Song

The New Pornographers - "All the Old Showstoppers"


Richard Crowley r@rcrowley.org

See Also

Part of freight(1).

freight-cache(1) builds package repositories from the intermediate "Freight library" managed by freight-add.

Referenced By

freight(1), freight(5), freight-cache(1), freight-init(1).

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