freewrl - Man Page

VRML/X3D browser


usage: freewrl [options] <VRML or X3D file|URL>

FreeWRL can load a VRML/X3D world from a file or from an URL. It'll fetch all documents needed to render the 3D scene, either on the local filesystem, or on the web with the wget application.

FreeWRL needs an OpenGL platform. On Linux (and other UNIX) it'll make use of X11/GLX, on Mac it'll use either X11/GLX or Aqua/GL.


This help.


Print version.

Window options


Set window fullscreen

-g|--geometry <WxH>

Set window geometry (W width, H height).


Set window size to 800x600.

General options


Enable EAI.


Set global texture size to -256 (fast).

-W|--linewidth <float>

Set line width.


Disable collision management.

Snapshot options


Set file format to GIF (default is PNG).

-n|--snapfile <string>

Set output file name pattern with <string>, (use %n for iteration number).

-o|--snaptmp <string>

Set output directory for snap files.

Misc options


Set EAI subsystem messages.

-r|--screendist <float> Set screen distance.

-y|--eyedist <float>

Set eye distance.


Set shutter glasses.

-t|--stereo <float>

Set stereo parameter (angle factor).

-K|--keypress <string>

Set immediate key pressed when ready.

Internal options

-i|--plugin <string>

Called from plugin.

-j|--fd <number>

Pipe to command the program.

-k|--instance <number>

Instance of plugin.

See Also

The full documentation for FreeWRL can be accessed online at :


June 2009 version: 1.22.3 User Manuals