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freerdp-shadow-cli - Man Page

— A utility for sharing a X display via RDP.


[/port:<port number>] [/ipc-socket:<ipc-socket>] [/monitors:<0,1,2,...>] [/rect:<x,y,w,h>] [+auth] [-may-view] [-may-interact] [/sec:<rdp|tls|nla|ext>] [-sec-rdp] [-sec-tls] [-sec-nla] [-sec-ext] [/sam-file:<file>] [/version] [/help]


can be used to share a running X display like with VNC but by using the RDP instead. It is also possibly to share only parts (rect) of the display.



If this option is set an ipc socket with the path ipc-socket is used instead of a TCP socket.


Set the port to use. Default is 3389. This option is ignored if ipc-socket is used.


Select the monitor(s) to share.


Select rectangle within monitor to share.


Disable authentication. If authentication is enabled PAM is used with the X11 subsystem. Running as root is not necessary, however if run as user only the same user that started  can authenticate.
Warning: If authentication is disabled everyone can connect.


Clients may view without prompt.


Clients may interact without prompt.


Force a specific protocol security


Disable RDP security (default:on)


Disable TLS protocol security (default:on)


Disable NLA protocol security (default:on)


Use NLA extended protocol security (default:off)


NTLM SAM file for NLA authentication


Print the version and exit.


Print the help and exit.


#MANPAGE_NAME@ - start the shadow server on port 3389 with NLA security, SAM database at /etc/winpr/SAM
/sam-file:SAM.db - same as above, but a custom SAM database provided as argument
-sec-nla - start the shadow server on port 3380 with TLS/NLA security. This allows authenticating against PAM with unix users. Be aware that the password is transmitted plain text like with basic HTTP auth



When run as user within a X session (for example from an xterm) a socket on 12345 is opened and the current display is shared via RDP.

Exit Status


Successful program execution.



See Also



FreeRDP <team@freerdp.com>


3.6.2 FreeRDP