freehdl-config man page

FreeHDL-CONFIG — The FreeHDL configuration script.


freehdl-config [OPTION] ...


FreeHDL is a parser/compiler/simulator suite for the hardware description language VHDL. VHDL'93 as well as VHDL'87 files are supported.

FreeHDL-CONFIG can be used to obtain the installation (path) configuration of the FreeHDL package.


-v, --version
show installed FreeHDL version
-h, --help
show usage info
-l, --ldflags
print libraries to link with
-libs, --libtool
print libtool libraries to link with
-ieee, --ieee
print IEEE libtool libraries to link with
-c, --cxxflags
print C++ compiler flags to compile with
-cxx, --cxx
print C++ compiler -linker, --linker print libtool linker

See Also

gvhdl(1), freehdl-v2cc(1), v2cc.libs(5)


The latest version of FreeHDL can always be obtained from

Reporting Bugs

Known bugs are documented within the BUGS file. If your report addresses a parser related topic then contact Marius Vollmer <>. If it is related to the code generator or compiler then send an email to Edwin Naroska <>. If your are not sure send it to Edwin. He will take care of forwarding your report to the appropriate recipient.


Written by Stefan Jahn <>.

Referenced By

freehdl-gennodes(1), freehdl-v2cc(1), gvhdl(1), v2cc.libs(5).

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