freeguide - Man Page

display TV listings


freeguide [--dump_prefs]


Display TV listings.  Run the program with no arguments to launch the main window.  Open the "Help" menu and choose "User Guide" for more information.



Write out the entire set of preferences FreeGuide is using, and exit.  The preferences are written to the current directory into a file called prefs_cur-VERSION.txt where VERSION is the current version of FreeGuide.  Additionally, if a migration is needed to update FreeGuide's preferences, several more files are written, with names like prefs_old-VERSION.txt and prefs_new-VERSION.txt.  These reflect the preferences stored before and after each stage of the migration process.


Written by Andy Balaam and the FreeGuide contributors.

This manual page was written by Shaun Jackman <>.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>.

See Also

The user guide, which may be accessed from the "Help" menu within the program.


January 2010 freeguide-0.11.1