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freecolor - Man Page

Display amount of free and used memory graphically


freecolor [options]


freecolor displays the total amount of free and used physical and swap memory in the system as a colored bargraph on the command line.



Display the amount of memory in bytes.


Display the amount of memory in kilobytes.  This is the default.


Display the amount of memory in megabytes.


Display the output in old format, the only difference being this option will disable the display of the "buffer adjusted" line.


Continuously display the result delay seconds apart.  You may actually specify any floating point number for delay, usleep(3) is used for microsecond resolution delay times.


Display a line showing the column totals.


Display version information.



memory information

See Also

ps(1), free(1), slabtop(1), top(1), vmstat(8).


Written by Roy Keene.

Reporting Bugs

Please send bug reports to freecolor@rkeene.org


January 2014