fp2anim man page

fp2anim ā€” convert a gEDA/PCB footprint to animator script


fp2anim [options] [inputfile]


fp2anim converts a footprint to a script that can be run through animator(1). It's main use is to have a automated, light-weight footprint preview generator on hosts where installing pcb-rnd would be too expensive (e.g. on web servers).

If inputfile is not specified, fp2anim reads its STDIN for the footprint.



draw the footprint in "photo realistic mode"


same as --photo

--grid unit

set grid unit e.g. to mm or mil

-g unit

same as --grid


use an mm grid instead of a mil grid; shorthand for -g mm


draw a small diamond to mark at footprint origin

--annotation types

turn on annotation types; types is a string that may consist "pins" for pin numbers, "dimname" and "dimvalue" for dimension names and values and "background" for drawing a background under annotation text


2016-12-27 pcb-rnd manual