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Shutterbug is a simple screen snapshot application inspired by SGI Snapshot.

The user interface of Shutterbug consists of a single, unobstrusive icon. All functions in Shutterbug are invoked by right-clicking on this icon, which will bring up a popup menu.  A red rectangle identifies the area of the screen being captured.

Identifying the Screen Area

The screen capture area is identified by a red rectangle.  The capture area can be moved around by right-mouse dragging, or by holding the shift- or control key during left-mouse dragging. The size of the rectangle can be changed by dragging on one of the four sides or on the corners.

The capture area can also be set to a predefined, fixed size.  In that case the rectangle can not be resized, but only dragged to a specific position.

Invoking Commands

To invoke the menu, right-click on the Shutterbug application icon.


This command snaps a screen shot and brings up the file panel to save the image to file.

Show Lasso

This command hides the red lasso identifying the capture area.


Brings up a submenu with a number of predefined capture area sizes.  Selecting Custom will enable arbitrary capture area selection.


This submenu can be used to change the line width of the capture area lasso rectangle.

Lines inside

Causes the lines to be inside, rather than outside the capture area rectangle.  This can be more accurate for small images.


Brings up the Color Dialog to change the color of the lasso rectangle.  The default color is red.


Pops up the About Dialog which gives the version number and other information about Shutterbug.


Terminates the program.

Supported Image Formats

Shutterbug supports the following image formats:

GIF CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format, version 89a.

BMP Microsoft Bitmap Format.

XPM X Pixmap Format.

XBM X Bitmap Format (black and white).

PCX PC PaintBrush format.

TGA Targa Image format.

PPM Portable Pixmap Format.

PNG Portable Network Graphics Format (if compiled in).

JPG Joint Photographics Experts Group JPEG Format (if compiled in).

TIFF Tagged Image File Format (if compiled in).

SUN Raster Image Format.

PostScript Adobe PostScipt format.


This man page was written by Jeroen van der Zijp <>.


18 January 2004