fotoxx man page

Fotoxx — photo/image editor and collection manager


Fotoxx [ options ] [ file | directory ]


Organize and manage a large image collection. Edit and optimize
photos and other images, search images, and perform batch operations.
Fotoxx is a GTK application which operates in its own window.
The included user manual explains its operation in great detail.
The following is a summary of capabilities.


Image edit functions include:
- View and edit most image and RAW file types
- Works internally with 24-bits/color, outputs 8 or 16 bits/color
- Trim (crop), Resize, Flip, Level, Rotate, Add Text
- Adjust brightness/color/contrast using movable curves
- Edit the brightness distribution directly for best balance
- Eliminate color caste and reduce fog/haze - Retinex method
- Enhance faint details - magnify gradients, flatten distribution
- Sharpen, Blur, Reduce noise, Remove red-eyes, fix perspective
- Edit selected objects or areas separately within an image
- Special function to select complex edges such as hair or trees
- Copy and paste selected objects or areas across images
- Remove a color caste that may vary across the image
- Fix vignetting and other brightness uniformity problems
- Warp (stretch/distort) an image by dragging the mouse
- Record edits for one image, apply to any number of images
- Special effects (drawing, painting, cartoon, 3D relief ...)
- Edit and apply canned and custom convolution kernels
- Pixel edit with variable brush transparency and blending
- Paint retouch functions locally and gradually with the mouse
- Smart erase: remove ground litter, power lines, etc.
- Erase dust: remove dust spots on images from scanned slides
- Flatten photo of a curved book page, stretch compressed text
- Write text on an image (font/color/transparency/shadow/angle)
- Mashup: Arrange images and formatted text in a layout
- Panorama, HDR and Stack composites (hand-held camera OK)
- Combine multiple photos with varying focus depths (HDF)
- Show videos as images and thumbnails, edit metadata, play
- Use Gimp, ImageMagick, etc. as plug-in functions

Utility functions include:
- Context aware help available via the F1 key
- Thumbnail browser and navigator, click image to view/edit
- Hierarchical directory view - expand or collapse at each level
- Custom "favorites" menu with user content and layout
- Assign custom keyboard shortcuts to menu functions
- Bookmark image locations, jump to bookmarked location
- Edit any image metadata (EXIF/IPTC tags, dates, comments...)
- Convert image color profile (e.g. sRGB <-> Adobe RGB)
- Search and report any metadata - reports thumbnails with text
- Use geotags from camera GPS, add/edit geotags manually
- Search images by time, location, tags ... any metadata
- World map at any scale, click on a marker for image gallery
- Save and recall named map locations (map position and scale)
- Batch convert format, resize, move, export, burn DVD/BlueRay
- Batch rename images, insert dates and sequence numbers
- Batch convert RAW files to tiff-8/16, png-8/16, jpeg
- Batch add/change metadata (tags, time, location ... any)
- Print image at any size for any paper format
- Calibrate printer for more accurate printed colors
- Create albums (views), arrange images, drag & drop
- Slide-show with animated transitions and image pan/zoom
- 360° panorama image viewer
- Monitor color and gamma test patterns


Command line options
-v                 print version and exit
-lang code   specify language (de, fr ...)
-prev              open last file from the previous session
-recent            show a gallery of most recent files
file               initial image file to view or edit
directory          initial directory for image gallery

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The home page for Fotoxx is at


Written by Mike Cornelison <>


2017-08-01 Linux Fotoxx man page