foo2zjs-icc2ps - Man Page

little cms PostScript converter.


foo2zjs-icc2ps [options]


lcms is a standalone CMM engine, which deals with the color management. It implements a fast transformation between ICC profiles. foo2zjs-icc2ps is little cms PostScript converter.

Command Line Options


Black point compensation (CRD only).

-c <0,1,2>

Precision (0=LowRes, 1=Normal (default), 2=Hi-res) (CRD only)

-i profile

Input profile: Generates Color Space Array (CSA).

-n <gridpoints>

Alternate way to set precision, number of CLUT points (CRD only)


Output profile: Generates Color Rendering Dictionary(CRD).

-t <0,1,2,3>

Intent (0=Perceptual, 1=Colorimetric, 2=Saturation, 3=Absolute).


Do NOT generate resource name on CRD.



See Also

foo2hiperc-wrapper(1), foo2hp2600-wrapper(1), foo2lava-wrapper(1), foo2oak-wrapper(1), foo2qpdl-wrapper(1), foo2zjs-wrapper(1),


Rick Richardson <>


Sun Jun 20 04:33:46 2010 foo2zjs-icc2ps 0.0