foo2hiperc man page

foo2hiperc — Convert Ghostscript pbmraw or bitcmyk format into a HIPERC printer stream


foo2hiperc [options] <pbmraw-file >hiperc-file

foo2hiperc [options] <bitcmyk-file >hiperc-file

foo2hiperc [options] <pksmraw-file >hiperc-file


foo2hiperc converts Ghostscript pbmraw, bitcmyk, or pksmraw output formats to monochrome or color HIPERC streams, for driving the Oki C310dn, C3100, C3200, C3300n, C3400n, C5100n, C5500n, C5600n, and the C5800n HIPERC printers.

Command Line Options

Normal Options

These are the options used to select the parameters of a print job that are usually controlled on a per job basis.


Force color mode if autodetect doesn't work.

-d duplex

Duplex code to send to printer [1].

1 off 2 long edge 3 short edge
-g xpixxypix

Set page dimensions in pixels [5100x6600].

-m media

Media code to send to printer [0].

plain 0
labels 1
transparency 2
-p paper

Paper code to send to printer [2].

1 A4 2 letter
3 legal - -
5 A5 6 B5jis
7 A6 8 env Monarch
9 env DL 10 env C5
11 env #10 12 executive
13 env #9 14 legal 13.5"
15 A3 16 tabloid/ledger
-n copies

Number of copies [1].

-r xresxyres

Set device resolution in pixels/inch [600x600].

-s source

Source (InputSlot) code to send to printer [0].

0 auto select
1 tray1 2 tray2
3 multi 4 manual

Draft mode.  Every other pixel is white.

-J filename

Filename string to send to printer.

-U username

Username string to send to printer.

Printer Tweaking Options

These are the options used to customize the operation of foo2hiperc for a particular printer.

-u xoffxyoff

Set the offset of the start of the printable region from the upper left corner, in pixels [0x0].

-l xoffxyoff

Set the offset of the end of the printable region from the lower right corner, in pixels [0x0].

-L mask

Send logical clipping amounts implied by -u/-l in the HIPERC stream [3].

0 don't send any logical clipping amounts
1 only send Y clipping amount
2 only send X clipping amount
3 send both X and Y clipping amounts

AllIsBlack: convert C=1,M=1,Y=1 to just K=1.  Works with bitcmyk input only.


BlackClears: K=1 forces C,M,Y to 0.  Works with bitcmyk input only.

-Z compressed

Use uncompressed (0) or compressed (1) JBIG data.

Debugging Options

These options are used for debugging foo2hiperc.

-S plane

Output just a single color plane from a color print and print it on the black plane.  The default is to output all color planes.

1 Cyan
2 Magenta
3 Yellow
4 Black
-D level

Set Debug level [0].


Create a black and white HIPERC stream:

    -sPAPERSIZE=letter -r600x600 -sDEVICE=pbmraw  
    -sOutputFile=- - <  
| foo2hiperc -r600x600 -g5100x6600 -p0 >

Create a color HIPERC stream:

    -sPAPERSIZE=letter -g5100x6600 -r600x600 -sDEVICE=bitcmyk  
    -sOutputFile=- - <  
| foo2hiperc -r600x600 -g5100x6600 -p0 >testpage.zc



See Also

foo2hiperc-wrapper(1), hipercdecode(1)


Rick Richardson <>

Referenced By

foo2hiperc-wrapper(1), hipercdecode(1).

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