font2swf - Man Page

Converts a font to SWF.


font2swf <fontfile>


Takes a font file (.ttf, .afm, .pfa, .pfb and all other types supported by FreeType) and converts it into a SWF file.

The SWF will contain the Font in SWF format (that is, a DefineFont2 Tag) as well as a textfield containing all the characters the font has. This means the resulting SWF will be viewable.


-h,  --help

   Print short help message and exit

-v,  --verbose

   Be verbose. Use more than one -v for greater effect.

-o,  --output filename

   Write output to file filename. (If not given, the output will go
   to a file called "output.swf")

-V,  --version

   Print version info and exit


Matthias Kramm <>


April 2012 swftools