fnt2psf - Man Page

Convert a Windows font-resource file to PSF format


fnt2psf [--codepage=page] [--psf1] [--psf2] [INPUTFILE [OUTPUTFILE]]


fnt2psf converts a Windows font-resource file (.FNT) to PSF format. A warning is displayed if the file is not monospaced, but the conversion will go ahead anyway.



Force output in the PSF1 format.


Force output in the PSF2 format (default).


Add a Unicode directory for the specified codepage, which can be identified by number or name. See psfpages(1) for a list of valid codepage names. If this option is not supplied, the program will assume codepage 437 for  fonts in the "OEM" character set, and 1252 for fonts in the "ANSI" character set.

See Also

psf2raw(1), mda2psf(1), psfpages(1)


John Elliott <jce@seasip.demon.co.uk>.

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21 June, 2008 Version 1.0.8 PSF Tools