fmi.1alc - Man Page

FSM state miminization


fmi [-V] input_file  output_file


Made to run on FSM descriptions, fmi supports the same subset of VHDL as syf  (for further information about this subset see SYF(1) and FSM(5)). fmi uses a Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams representation and  identifies equivalent states. After this step, it drives a new FSM where all equivalent states are replaced by a single state.
As a restriction fmi doesn't handle don't cares (as this much more difficult).

Environment Variables

MBK_WORK_LIB gives the path of the FSM description. The default value is the current directory.

MBK_CATA_LIB gives some auxiliary paths for the FSM descriptions. The default value is the current directory.


-V Sets verbose mode on. Each step of the minimization is displayed on the standard output.


fmi digi digi_min

See Also

syf (1), fsp (1), fsm (5), xfsm (1).


October 1, 1997 ASIM/LIP6 CAO-VLSI Reference Manual