flow-print man page

flow-print — Display flows in formatted ASCII.


flow-print [ -hlnpw ] [ -d debug_level ] [ -f format ]


The flow-print utility will display flow data in ASCII using pre-defined formats selectable with -f.

Some of the less descriptive column headers are defined below

Header     Description
Sif           Source Interface ifIndex.
DiF           Destination Interface ifIndex.
Pr            Protocol.
P             Protocol.
SrcP          Source Port.
DstP          Destination Port.
Pkts          Packets.
Octets        Octets (Bytes).
Active        Time in ms the flow was active.
B/Pk          Bytes per Packet.
Ts            Type of Service.
Fl            Flags, for TCP the cumulative or of the TCP control bits.
srcAS         Source AS.
dstAS         Destination AS.
Start         Start time of the flow.
End           End time of the flow.
router_sc     V7 IP address of router producing shorcuts.
peer_nexthop  V6 IP address of peer next hop IP address.
encap i/o     Version 6 only.  Encapsulation size in/out
duration      Time in ms the flow was active.
input         Input Interface ifIndex.
output        Output Interface ifIndex.
flows         Number of aggregated flows.
mTos          V8.x ToS of pkts that exceeded the contract.
xpackets      V8.x Packets that exceed the contract.


-d debug_level
Enable debugging.
-f format

Select format. The default is appropriate for the export type of the flow data. Available formats are:

 0 1 line, interfaces, hex ports
 1 2 line (includes timing and flags)
 2 2 line candidate TCP syn attack flows
 3 1 line, no interfaces, decimal ports
 4 1 line with AS number
 5 1 line, 132 column
 6 show ip accounting emulation
 7 1 line, 132 column +router_id
 8 1 line, 132 column +encapsulation
 9 1 line with tag values
10 AS aggregation
11 Protocol Port aggregation
12 Source Prefix aggregation
13 Destination Prefix aggregation
14 Prefix aggregation
15 Destination aggregation (Catalyst)
16 Source Destination aggregation (Catalyst)
17 Full Flow (Catalyst)
18 ToS AS Aggregation
19 ToS Proto Port aggregation
20 ToS Source Prefix aggregation
21 ToS Destination Prefix aggregation
22 ToS Prefix Aggregation
23 ToS Prefix Port aggregation
24 Full (Catalyst)
Display help.
Unbuffer output.
Use symbolic names where appropriate.
Display header information.
Wide output.


Display flows in flowfile

flow-print < flowfile


Configuration files: Symbols - /etc/flow-tools/sym/*.


None known.


Mark Fullmer <maf@splintered.net>

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