flatpak-documents - Man Page

List exported files


flatpak documents [OPTION...] [APPID]


Lists exported files, with their document id and the full path to their origin. If an APPID is specified, only the files exported to this app are listed.


The following options are understood:

-h, ā€‰--help

Show help options and exit.

-v, ā€‰--verbose

Print debug information during command processing.


Print OSTree debug information during command processing.

See Also

flatpak(1), flatpak-document-export(1), flatpak-document-unexport(1), flatpak-document-info(1)

Referenced By

flatpak(1), flatpak-document-export(1), flatpak-document-info(1), flatpak-document-unexport(1).

flatpak documents