flam3-animate - Man Page

render and animate FLAM3s and manipulate their genomes


flam3-render < input


FLAM3 implements a visual language based on a recursive set equation.

Flam3-genome creates and manipulates genomes (xml parameter sets) in this language.  Flam3-render turns genomes into still images, and Flam3-animate renders motion-blurred frames of animation.

Flam3-convert reads from stdin files in the old format used by the flame GIMP plugin, and writes the new format to stdout.


Any command line option will cause the program to write its documentation to standard out.


The environment variables are in the documention written to standard out given any command line option.

See Also

WWW.FLAM3.COM, electricsheep(1),


spot aka Scott Draves, Erik Reckase

Referenced By

The man pages flam3-convert(1), flam3-genome(1) and flam3-render(1) are aliases of flam3-animate(1).