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flac123 - Man Page

command line player for FLAC audio files


flac123 [Options] files...


flac123 is a command line player for FLAC audio files.


-d,  --driver=STRING

set libao output driver (pulse, macosx, oss, etc)

-w,  --wav=FILENAME

send output to wav file (use --wav=- and -q for stdout)

-R,  --remote

set remote mode for programmatic control.  See README.remote for more information.

-b,  --buffer-time=INT

override the default hardware buffer size (in milliseconds)

-q,  --quiet

suppress text output

-v,  --version

version info

-?,  --help

help message


display brief usage message


When multiple files are given on the command line, SIGINT will advance to the next track, and two SIGINT signals received in short succession will end the program.


flac123 was written by Jake Angerman.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <https://github.com/flac123/flac123>