fixkrf - Man Page

Fixes DNSSEC-Tools keyrec files whose encryption key files have been moved


  fixkrf [options] <keyrec-file> <dir 1> ... <dir N>


fixkrf checks a specified keyrec file to ensure that the referenced encryption key files exist where listed.  If a key is not where the keyrec specifies it should be, then fixkrf will search the given directories for those keys and adjust the keyrec to match reality.  If a key of a particular filename is found in multiple places, a warning will be printed and the keyrec file will not be changed for that key.



Display output about missing keys, but don't fix the keyrec file.


Display output about found keys as well as missing keys.


Display version information for fixkrf and DNSSEC-Tools.


Display a usage message.


Wayne Morrison,

See Also

cleankrf(8), genkrf(8), lskrf(8), zonesigner(8)


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