firefox - Man Page

a Web browser for X11 derived from the Mozilla browser

Examples (TL;DR)


firefox [Options ...] [URL]

firefox-bin [Options] [URL]


Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability.


firefox is a simple shell script that will set up the environment for the actual executable, firefox-bin.


A summary of the options supported by firefox is included below.

X11 options


X display to use


Make X calls synchronous


Make all warnings fatal

Firefox options

-h,  --help

Show summary of options.

-v,  --version

Print Firefox version.

-P profile

Start with profile.

--profile path

Start with profile at path.


Start with migration wizard.


Start with ProfileManager.


Do not accept or send remote commands; implies --new-instance.


Open new instance, not a new window in running instance.

--UILocale locale

Start with locale resources as UI Locale.


Disables extensions and themes for this session.


Allows downgrading a profile.                                              


Treated as MOZ_LOG=modules environment variable, overrides it.          


Treated as MOZ_LOG_FILE=file environment variable, overrides it.  If MOZ_LOG_FILE is not specified as an argument or as an environment variable, logging will be written to stdout.


Run without a GUI.


Save recordings for all content processes to a directory.


Open a browser window.

--new-window url

Open url in a new window.

--new-tab url

Open url in a new tab.

--private-window url

Open url in a new private window.


Open Preferences dialog.

--screenshot [path]

Save screenshot to path or in working directory.

--window-size width[,height]

Width and optionally height of screenshot.

--search term

Search term with your default search engine.


Set this app as the default browser.


Open the Browser Console.


Open the Browser Toolbox.


Spin event loop until JS debugger connects.  Enables debugging (some) application startup code paths.  Only has an effect when --jsdebugger is also supplied.


Open DevTools on initial load.

--start-debugger-server [ws:][port|path]

Start the debugger server on a TCP port or Unix domain socket path. Defaults to TCP port 6000. Use WebSocket protocol if ws: prefix is specified.

--recording file

Record drawing for a given URL.

--recording-output file

Specify destination file for a drawing recording.


/usr/bin/firefox - shell script wrapping firefox
/usr/lib64/firefox/firefox-bin - firefox executable




To report a bug, please visit


The Mozilla Organization

Tobias Girstmair

Referenced By

gozilla(1), icewm(1), icewm-toolbar(5), seamonkey(1).

July 10, 2019 Linux User's Manual