find-jar - Man Page

find extension JAR or directory


find-jar JAR|artifact-coordinates


The find-jar command tests the resolution of a given element. If successful it will return a JAR file or a directory.

This command is solely intended for testing resolution and should not be used in scripts. Even for single-element classpath building build-classpath is preferred since single-element searches can produce multiple file results when resolving into a directory.


Using find-jar with artifact-coordinates requires xmvn-resolve command to be available. User of find-jar is responsible for making it available in the system.


find-jar xpp3 will print /usr/share/java/xpp3.jar on standard output.

find-jar javamail will print /usr/share/java/javamail on standard output.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs should be reported through Java Packages Tools issue tracker at Github:

See Also

build-classpath(1), build-jar-repository(1), xmvn-resolve(1).


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