ffrefboxrep man page

ffrefboxrep — Fawkes referee box repeater


ffrefboxrep [-d] [-b] [-l league] [-u] [-t team] [-g goal color]
            [-p port] [-m addr] [-k key] [-i iv] ['hosts]


This tool is used in RoboCup to communicate instructions from a referee box (refbox) to robots. It receives information from the refbox, and processes and resends it in a way suitable for robots running Fawkes.

It implements several different protocols for different leagues and years. The information is send to the robot either using the Fawkes world info protocol or using remote blackboard connections.

The refboxcomm plugin should be preferred if at all possible. It can be used for multicast and broadcast protocols like msl2010 and spl.


Show usage instructions.
Turn on debug mode (prints debug info to stdout)
Use remote blackboard connections to communicate information to robots instead of the world info protocol. Robot host names must be passed as arguments after the options (hosts).
-l league
The league whose protocol should be used. Must be one of msl2007, msl2008, msl2010 (mid-size league protocol of the respective year), or spl (Standard Platform League).
For msl2010, use unicast instead of multicast communication.
-g goal color
Specify the goal color of the own team, either blue or yellow.
-t team
Specify the color of the own team, either cyan or magenta.
-p port
Use port for multi-cast communication with the own team. Defaults to 2806.
-m addr
Use addr as the multicast address to talk to. Defaults to
-k key
Use key for encryption in the world info protocol. Defaults to AllemaniACs.
-i iv
Initialization vector for encryption. Defaults to AllemaniACs.


ffrefboxrepo -l msl2010 -t cyan -g blue -k "OurSecretKey"

Repeat messages from a mid-size league 2010 refbox using the world info protocol using the encryption key OurSecretKey.

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Written by Tim Niemueller <niemueller@kbsg.rwth-aachen.de>


Documentation by Tim Niemueller <niemueller@kbsg.rwth-aachen.de>


Part of the Fawkes Robot Software Framework. Project website is at http://www.fawkesrobotics.org


05/04/2016 Fawkes 0.5.0 Fawkes Manual