ffbblog - Man Page

Fawkes blackboard log file tool


ffbblog [-r host[:port]] <command> file [params]


This tool operates on log files recorded using the bblogger plugin. It reads the binary log file and prints human readable output to the console. It can also enable or disable a currently ongoing logging process.

The tool can watch log files as they are written (in a way similar to the unix tool tail(1)). It can also print an entry at a specific index, or the meta information about a log file. In replay mode it will print the information to the console in the same timing that it was recorded. Log files can be repaired, for example if the logging process ended prematurely (e.g. because of a segfault in a plugin you are debugging). It will update the meta information in the file as required for other tool operations. It can enable or disable logging in a currently running bblogger. Finally, the log files can be converted to other formats compatible with other tools.

For replaying a log file to the blackboard use the fflogreplay plugin.



Watch the given file as it is written. This is useful if the bblogger plugin is currently running and writing updates to the given file.


Show meta information about the given log file.

print index [index...]

Print one or more specified indexes. The indexes are given on the command line following the file names and must be in the available range that can be queried with the info command.


Replay the given log file with a timing similar to the one it had during recording.


Repair the given log file. It will check for certain unconsistencies in the log file which occur if the logging process is ended prematurely, and then repairs them.


Enable logging in a currently running bblogger. The -r parameter can be optionally supplied to connect to a remote Fawkes instance.


Disable logging in a currently running bblogger. The -r parameter can be optionally supplied to connect to a remote Fawkes instance.

convert infile outfile format

Convert the log file to a different format (see formats below for the available formats). After the input infile, two more parameters are expected. First the output file outfile must be given followed by the desired output format.



Show usage instructions.

-r host[:port]]

The host and port of the Fawkes instance to connect to.


The following output formats are available for converting bblogger log files.

Comma-separated Values (CSV)

Lines starting with # are considered comments. The very first line contains a comment with the field names, followed by type and length in braces. Fields are separated as data rows.

One row of data is written per line. It contains fields separated by semicolons (;). Warning, strings that may contain semicolons are currently not escaped.


ffbblog info file.bblog

Show meta information of file.bblog.

ffbblog replay file.bblog

Replay file.bblog in real-time.

ffbblog convert in.bblog out.csv csv

convert the file in.bblog to CSV format and write the converted data to out.csv.

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Written by Tim Niemueller <niemueller@kbsg.rwth-aachen.de>


Documentation by Tim Niemueller <niemueller@kbsg.rwth-aachen.de>


Part of the Fawkes Robot Software Framework. Project website is at http://www.fawkesrobotics.org


06/21/2022 Fawkes 1.3.0 Fawkes Manual