ffado-dbus-server - Man Page

expose the mixer features of connected FFADO devices through DBus


ffado-dbus-server [OPTION...]


ffado-dbus-server exposes the mixer and control features of connected FFADO devices though a DBUS interface.  The extent of support for controls on a given device depends entirely on the status of that device's FFADO driver.

By using DBus it is possible for control applications to be developed independently of FFADO.  The DBus interface provided by ffado-dbus-server is used by ffado-mixer but there is no reason other implementations could not be written.


-?,  --help,  --usage

Show brief usage information and exit

-V,  --version

Print the program version and exit

-q,  -q,  --quiet,  --silent

Don't produce any output

-n,  --node=ID

Only expose the mixer of a device on a specific node with an ID of ID

-p,  --port=NUM

Specify use of IEEE1394 port NUM

-v,  --verbose=LEVEL

Produce verbose output.  The higher the LEVEL the more verbose the messages.  The some verbose messages may only be available of FFADO was compiled with debugging enabled.

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