fedrepo-req man page

fedrepo-req ā€” manual page for fedrepo-req 1.10.0


fedrepo-req [Options] REPO [BRANCH]


Request new repositories on src.fedoraproject.org. If a branch is specified, it will create it in addition to the master branch in PDC.


fedrepo-req nethack -t 12345

fedrepo-req nethack epel7 -t 12345

fedrepo-req nethack lts -t 12345 --sl security_fixes:2022-12-01 --sl bug_fixes:2022-12-01

fedrepo-req nethack --exception



The package is an exception to the regular package review process (specifically, it does not require a Bugzilla bug).

-d, --description TEXT

The package's description.

-m, --monitor [no-monitoring|monitoring|monitoring-with-scratch]

Monitoring type for the package.

-n, --namespace [rpms|container|modules|test-modules]

The repo's namespace.

-s, --summary TEXT

Override the package's summary from the Bugzilla bug.

-t, --ticket TEXT

Bugzilla bug ID of the package review request.

-u, --upstreamurl TEXT

The package's upstream URL.

--sl TEXT

The service levels tied to the branch. This must be in the format of "sl_name:2020-12-01"

-h, --help

Show this message and exit.


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