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fedora-create-review - Man Page

Automatically create RPM review request for Fedora.


fedora-create-review <specfile> <srpmfile>


This tool create review request for rpm packages for Fedora. It starts a scratch build on koji, upload your file onto fedorapeople, create the review request and add a comment that the scratch-build on koji was successful.


This program creates RPM review request for Fedora.

fedora-create-review <specfile> <srpmfile>

This will start a build on koji using the given srpmfile. If the build is successful, both file will be uploaded onto fedorapeople. Finally, the review request is generated and a comment is added on the bug about the successful scratch-build.



FAS user name.


To create a rename request instead of a review request.


Specify the target for the scratch build. Defaults to rawhide.
   The list of targets can be obtained using `koji list-targets`.


To skip the scratch build but still create the review.


Provides a more detailed output of what's going on.


Create the review on a test bugzilla instance instead of the official one.



User configuration file for fedora-create-review

The configuration file is an ini file of this form:

    bugzilla_api_key = ..
    bugzilla_username = ..
    upload_target = ..

"bugzilla_api_key" and "bugzilla_username" are the API key to a bugzilla instance, and a username respectively. They are both optional. If the "bugzilla_username" is not set, fedora-create-review will ask for it interactively.

"upload_target" takes a URL where the spec and SRPM file will be uploaded to using the "scp" command. So you must have write access to this location.

A common URL here for Fedora package maintainers would be of the form "fedorapeople.org:public_html/".

Two place holders may be used in the URL which are substituted by fedora-create-review:
   - "@username@" is a place holder for the value provided by the --username flag
   - "@pkgname@" is place holder which is substituted by the name of the package.

     For example, this will create a new directory for each package on your Fedora people space:
     upload_target = fedorapeople.org:public_html/@pkgname@/


 Original author: Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou@pingoured.fr>

     Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou@pingoured.fr>
     Stanislav Ochotnicky <sochotnicky@redhat.com>

 For a list of all contributors see AUTHORS file

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