feathers - Man Page

a simple source-level debugger for CHICKEN Scheme


feathers[OPTION ...] [PROGRAM ARGUMENTS ...]


feathers runs a program compiled with CHICKEN Scheme and allows basic source-level debugging like setting breakpoints, single-stepping and inspection of procedure arguments and global variables.

The Scheme code must be compiled with debug-level 3 for debugging to be possible. Communication with the debugger takes place by exchanging messages over a TCP socket, the address and port being given by the environment variable CHICKEN_DEBUGGER which holds a connection address of the form ⟨ADDRESS⟩:⟨PORT⟩.

PROGRAM must give the path to the executable that is to be run, PATH is not searched.

The program accepts following arguments:


Shows a list of supported command-line options.


Do not load the default startup file .feathers.


TODO: Document this


Add DIRECTORY to the list of searched paths for locating source files.

-port PORT

Select a different TCP port than the default (9999).


The following environment variables change the behaviour of feathers:


Should hold a TCP server address and port where the debugger is listening. This variable is set by the debugger when a program is run from it, and defaults to localhost:9999

Exit Status

The feathers utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

See Also

chicken(1), csc(1), csi(1)

More information can be found in the CHICKEN User's Manual.




Submit bug reports by e-mail to chicken-janitors@nongnu.org


April 26, 2017