fd2pascal - Man Page

Free Pascal forms description to pascal program converter


fd2pascal [-compensate] [-altformat] [-main] [-callback] filename


fd2pascal reads a XForms designer file ( .fd ) and creates pascal code to create the form described in the file. The pascal code is written to a file with the same name as the input file, but with extension .pp if a file with that name already exists, then it will be renamed to a file  with the extension .bak appended.


fd2pascal has a small number of options to control its behaviour:


By default, a record type is emitted for the form definition, with a field for each widget (object) on the form. The alternate form declares a global  variable for the form and each widget on the form.


If this option is given then a call to fl_adjust_form_size is emitted after the form is created.


If this option is given, then a callback procedure is generated for each  widget on the form.


By default, a unit is created which can be included in the uses clause of a program. If this option is specified, a program file is emitted instead.

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12 November 2004 Free Pascal forms description to pascal conversion