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fcore - Man Page

extract a core file from a process


fcore [options] {pid...}


fcore constructs a core-file from a running process, and writes it to disk.

-a,  -allmaps

Write all readable segment maps. The default level is to attempt to emulate gcore segment writing strategy. By specifying this option, fcore will write all readable maps.

-s,  -segments regex

Writes only the segments that match the regex specified. Elide all other segments.

-o output-file

Specifies the name of the core file. Default is core. The core-file extension will still use the pid of the process being dumped.

Standard Frysk Options


The full path of the executable to read.


Do not attempt to read the corresponding executable when loading a core file.

-sysroot directory

The system root directory under which all executables, libraries, and source are located.

-debug class=level...

Set internal debug-tracing of the specified Java class to level (level can be NONE, INFO, WARNING, FINE, and FINEST). If the level is absent, FINE is assumed; if the class is absent, the global level is set.


fcore 1234

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Report bugs to http://sourceware.org/frysk

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April 2008 Frysk 0.4-94.fc41